The waves are often a bit easier than in nearby Hossegor and there is also the possibility for beginners to catch their first white water waves. There are lots of cafes and restaurants, as well as surf schools at Le Penon. Parking is usually very easy during the day.

Where To Stay

Camping for free is unfortunately not really possible in Hossegor, Capbreton and Seignosse, as sleeping in your van is forbidden in the whole area. You will have to use an Aire de Camping Car, which run about 10-14€ per night and van. These are designated parking spaces, usually with one public toilet attached and a possibility to fill up water tanks. There are also a lot of proper campsites in the surrounding area. Many of these close September 30th, but others (e.g. this) can be as cheap as 10€ per night for one person in a van in the off-season, and still provide lots more comfort than an Aire de Camping Car.