Moliets-et-Maa is a great spot to catch your first white water wave. And that is exactly what lots and lots of people do. There are multiple surfcamps which house young surfers from all around Europe, so there is always a great vibe on the campsites and in the water. Besides white water for the beginners, Moliets also provides your typical beach break waves that are great for intermediates and also people learning to catch unbroken waves. With the right winds and a bit more swell, short barrel rides are possible as well.

Where To Stay

For a cheap campsite with all amenities you can choose Camping Les Cigales. Outside of high-season a night can be as cheap as 8€. The campsite is frequented by young people and home to surfcamps as well.

You can also camp for free on a public parking space behind the L'Open Café. There is room for about six vans. No public restroom nearby.