In very picturesque Langre, waves are usually breaking quite mellow. This makes them friendly for beginners and surfers trying to progress into larger waves. The lineup mostly consists of some surf schools and surfers travelling in their van. When more challenging conditions arrive, you will see a lot more locals in the water. The spot mostly works better at low to mid tide.

People here are very friendly and everyone is having fun in the water. Many of the available parking spots give you a direct view of the sea, so you can check the waves and watch other surfers without leaving you van.

There are no facilities, but you can head to nearby Playa de Galizano for a bar, beach showers and a toilet.

Where To Stay

You can sleep at the parking spot on the western side of the bay. It is a public parking spot and there is a sign that says no camping, but it is usually tolerated as long as you keep all your belongings in your van during the night (no tables, chairs, etc. outside).

Then there are two parking spots in the middle of the bay. The western one has its entrance right next to a house and costs 3.50€ per day for a van. Sleeping is not tolerated here. The next parking spot can be entered through a gate in a field. It costs about 2€ per day and sleeping is usually tolerated. People even built up tents and it was fine. This spot is not always open though.

You might also see some vans parking on the eastern side of the bay, but that is a private field and the owner doesn't want people parking there. So please use one of the other spots.